Getting Started Camp Cadet

Camp Cadet is a summer camp for boys and girls from Pennsylvania between the ages of twelve to fifteen. The camp is held at various locations throughout the State and staffed by Troopers, local police officer's and many other volunteers. The goal of Camp Cadet is to introduce participants to the diverse criminal justice system and establish a positive relationship with law enforcement personnel.


Camp Cadet is open to all youth and is structured similar to training at the police academy. All participants who attend camp cadet are addressed as “Cadet” during the week. Cadets are required to participate in all scheduled events. The camp focuses on discipline, self-esteem, teamwork, drug and alcohol education, violence prevention and many other issues facing today’s youth.


Troop R (Lackawanna, Pike, Susquehanna, Wayne Counties)


Camp Cadet will be held Sunday July 22, 2018 to Friday July 27, 2018.


Please refer to our "Frequently Asked Questions" Page before emailing or calling us as most all questions can be answered though this website. Thank You.


 The Camp Cadet Call of Honor is read to the Cadets when they first arrive at camp. As cadets, they are asked to memorize the Call of Honor during their week long stay. When the successfully repeat the Call of Honor by memory to an instructor. They will then repeat the Call of Honor as a group at their graduation ceremony.


Would you like to donate?

Camp Cadet is supported solely through contributions from the community.  No state funds are expended to pay the expenses for our camp. We are a Pennsylvania registered non-profit organization that is a registered charitable organization, therefore your support is tax deductible. Your donations can be made payable to:

"Troop R Camp Cadet"



Troop R Camp Cadet

85 Keystone Industrial Park

Dunmore, PA 18512


Camp Cadet Call of Honor:


I am a Cadet in the Pennsylvania State Police Camp Cadet program.

To me is entrusted my honor and well-being.


I must act honestly and faithfully to live up to my ideals and standards.

It is my duty to be true to myself;

I must not give in to negative peer pressure and I must stand up for what I know and believe to be right.


The only person I must impress is myself.

I am proud of myself and I believe in myself.

I will always conduct myself in such a manner that my honor and the honor of Camp Cadet will be upheld.